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Change is Coming to Portland City Government this election!

This fall, Portland voters will see two new changes to our electoral process: Voting by District for City Council and ranked choice voting.

New City Wide Districts

Portland is transitioning from a city wide, at-large election for City Councilors to a district based system, based on geographical location.  Portland has been divided into 4 districts, with voters electing 3 City Councilors from each district. 

Ranked-Choice Voting

In the upcoming November 5, 2024 General Election, the Mayor and Auditor will be selected through city-wide competitions utilizing single-winner ranked-choice voting. Meanwhile, 12 Council members (three representing each district) will be chosen through multi-winner ranked-choice voting.

Despite these changes, the voting process will remain largely unchanged for Portlanders. They will still have the opportunity to vote in three main contests: Mayor, Auditor, and City Councilors for each district. The ballot will display all eligible positions alongside corresponding candidates, with space available for write-in selections.

Portland voters will then have the option to make up to six choices for each of the three contests, arranging their preferences in a ranked order.

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